Saturday, May 7, 2011

Walmart Parking

I had to go to Walmart today to pick up cat litter, and when I came out some ASSHOLE was parked so close to me I couldn't get in my car. I had to wait for them to back out so I could get in my car to leave. DO NOT PARK LIKE THIS ASS. Not only did they park too close; their kid came along and slammed his door into my car trying to get in. I'm sure he did it trying to get out too. WTF?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Stupid Handicaped People

I do not get this... We were in position to take a spot right up front and had been waiting there for quite a while when this stupid ass took our spot with no disregard to us today at Meijer. He knew we where waiting for that spot first and took it upon himself to almost hit us just to get a good spot. Then screamed at use saying it was his right to park there. We had our blinker on long before he got there to signal that we were about to take that spot and had our handicap tag in the window too. While we were sitting there he put on his Handicap tag in what looked like a disgusted rage to let us know that we were not to take that spot even though we were clearly there first. I even got some video of his van with us talking about it. He left his blinkers on too ha ha. I hope his van went dead while he was in there shopping.