Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Little Safety Note

Just a little note on safety everyone should know. I was at the pump the other day and took this picture of a man filling up his vehicle while it was running with the keys in the ignition. Now I know it was cold but that give's you no reason to let your car run while you are filling it up. What if it causes an explosion or something? That would be the worst! Especially for the poor man next to him filling up as well. Next time you fill up...PLEASE for the safety of you and everyone else there, turn off your car before pumping up. Thank you!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Left No Left Left

I was about to blog about this sooner, but for some reason didn't. I was on my way to work as usual and proceeded up 15 Mile towards Coolige, when at about Dequinder I had to stop for a red light. Now mind you, some of the lights on 15 Mile turn green in reverse. That is, in some of the lights, the left turn light turns green first, then the left and right through lights turn green last. Well anyway this was one of those lights. Just as I came to a stop there was this idiot in the left turn lane, second car from the front that apperently didn't want to turn left at the last minute. As the lights remained red our way the cars just kept building up as he repositioned himself at an angle trying to get into my lane. I couldn't move any farther up because I would have been in the intersection. As their light turned green I just watched from my rear view mirror. The first car went and then a pause. The car behind him pulled to the left and went around him. Then the light turned red. My light turned green and I pulled ahead slowly since there was no one behind me in my lane. As I pulled ahead the guy just sat there rotating his wheels to get back into the left turn lane. As I continued to monitor the situation the light came back around and he made his left. This whole thing pissed me off. and I don't quite know why. It wasn't like I was behind him or anything. All I know is people like that should stay off the road if they are going to drive like an idiot. Had I been behind him I would have really been pissed off. More than I was for sure. I just felt sorry for all those poor people stuck behind him that had to miss a valid left turn. For the stupid driver all I have to say is "What the hell?" First of all you decided NOT to make a left turn AT the last minute and then when you HAD the chance to pull forward behind me and go you got back into the left lane. It wasn't like there was anybody behind me to stop you. Get off the road and stay home. If you need to go out... TAKE THE BUS!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WTF People?

What do I have to do to get you all to listen. Maybe I don't have a big enough audience...I don't know. But what the hell are you doing on the road driving 30 in a 45? Get off your damn cell phone and stop driving like an asshole. Have you read any of my posts? Well If you haven't; take a good look at this one so I don't have to keep repeating myself.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

To Hardees and beyond...

Well yesterday seemed pretty good until I got to Mound from 15 Mile. I was on my way to Hardees to make a pit stop before work and this guy was swerving in and out of traffic going like a banshee. With out even spotting his lanes or what ever he just wipped out in front of me from the far right (I was in the far left lane about to do a Michigan left.) If you see this guy you are more than welcome to cut him off too, and then slowdown to piss him off since I didn't get the chance. TKS.