Friday, July 1, 2011

Stupid Driver With Trailer

I am not in a good mood. I drove to work on empty today and needed to get gas in my car asap before I went home. The gas station was located on the corner of Grand River and Orchard Lake in Farmington Hills. I would have made a straight away into the gas station from Orchard Lake but had to make a left cause there were people stopped in front of the driveway waiting to go through the intersection (too much to explain how the streets inner connect); so I made a left and decided to pull in to the gas station as tiny as it is from further down. As I approched the intrance to the gas station there was this guy stopped with a huge truck and trailer trying to make what I later found out was a left turn. I realized I couldn't get in because he had blocked most of the drive way entrance in his ignorance. So as I tried to get in running on fumes he was trying to get out flipping me off and fucking yelling at me the whole time. GET OUT OF THE WAY FUCKER AND LET PEOPLE IN! I had to pull ahead just so he could go which inconvenienced me because I then had to go around the back side of the gas station just to turn around and get back onto Grand River so I could turn into the station.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Walmart Parking

I had to go to Walmart today to pick up cat litter, and when I came out some ASSHOLE was parked so close to me I couldn't get in my car. I had to wait for them to back out so I could get in my car to leave. DO NOT PARK LIKE THIS ASS. Not only did they park too close; their kid came along and slammed his door into my car trying to get in. I'm sure he did it trying to get out too. WTF?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Stupid Handicaped People

I do not get this... We were in position to take a spot right up front and had been waiting there for quite a while when this stupid ass took our spot with no disregard to us today at Meijer. He knew we where waiting for that spot first and took it upon himself to almost hit us just to get a good spot. Then screamed at use saying it was his right to park there. We had our blinker on long before he got there to signal that we were about to take that spot and had our handicap tag in the window too. While we were sitting there he put on his Handicap tag in what looked like a disgusted rage to let us know that we were not to take that spot even though we were clearly there first. I even got some video of his van with us talking about it. He left his blinkers on too ha ha. I hope his van went dead while he was in there shopping.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A bitch with kids...

So I was coming home tonight from work and got off the freeway at 696 Hover exit. There was this stupid ass driver in a van going way too fast and swerving in and out of traffic. She was driving a blue van and didn't use a blinker the whole time I was behind her. On top of this she swerved from the right lane into the left lane in the middle of an intersection at 13 Mile and Hoover. As she was going almost 50 around a tight ass curve that was only a 30 mph; she pulled up to the light and then made a right hand turn onto 14 mile from the left turn lane. I called 911 and reported her. I kept following her as she turned onto 15 mile from Utica and then turn into the Fraiser Meijer. The WHOLE TIME not using a single blinker. She got out of her van; followed by 3 kids. WHAT THE FUCK LADY???
She had handicap plates reading 2515F3.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Parking Issue Part II

Can you please tell me why you have to BACK IN to a parking spot? My boss hates this more than I do but I digress. I was at my Credit Union the other day and this asshole was parked over TWO good spots. Look... If you're gonna back in please back in STRAIGHT! What's really funny about this situation is that
after taking this picture I parked next to them so closely that they couldn't get in their car; but I was parked nice and straight like I was supposed to be so THEY were in the wrong! The lady in question had to wait for me to get done before she could get in her car let a lone leave HA HA! I got in and out via the passenger side door. What an idiot she was.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Parking Issue

Today was not a good day for me. I went to Meijer to pick up some cat food and when I got there I didn't find the kind we are supposed to get; but I digress... As I went searching I got to another Meijer store and as I was walking up to the store some woman was parking in a non space. As you can see not only was it a non space but it was a non space connected to a handicap. First of all she wasn't handicapped; and secondly you parked in a non parking spot. What if that person has a wheelchair? They wouldn't be able to get in their car. Please park properly next time .

Monday, November 22, 2010

Swervin' Mervin

I was on my way home and traffic was horrible. It was raining; traffic was exceptionally heavy. Being hard to see; I turned on my brights. This guy among others was swerving in and out of traffic not using his turn signal the whole time. I was so pissed off that he cut me off; I broke a cardinal rule and took his photo while driving (we were at a stand still anyway). What an idiot.