Thursday, March 5, 2009

Between an ambulance and an asshole

I was going to blog about this as soon as I got home today from running errands but I didn't; so I'm gonna do it now while I'm thinking about it. This so pisses me off... What the fuck are some people doing out on the road anyway? I was coming back from Walmart and going up east bound 13 mile when I noticed that an ambulance was coming my direction towards Hoover going west bound. I was in the left lane and had plenty of time to get over; but couldn't because traffic was too heavy. There was this asshole in a green truck behind me that stopped really quickly and as I looked in my rear view mirror he was flipping me off. I don't know why. I was going the required speed limit, and it looked like he was trying to speed up to the right side of me to pass me but there was a car to our right in the right lane preventing him from doing so. All the while I was deciding if I should get over and stop or keep going hoping the ambulance would make a right before I got to it. Well when I got the chance to make a right I did so slowing down letting the truck behind me pass by. There he sped off and I just was like "WTF?". As the whole thing calmed down and the ambulance went on by I caught up to him and drove on by honking my horn to let him know what I thought. Look idiot... I don't know what I did to cause you to flip me off; but I did nothing wrong. It's not my fault you were in a hurry and probably late getting to your destination. There was an ambulance comming our direction and you wouldn't let me get over bitch.

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