Sunday, April 17, 2011

A bitch with kids...

So I was coming home tonight from work and got off the freeway at 696 Hover exit. There was this stupid ass driver in a van going way too fast and swerving in and out of traffic. She was driving a blue van and didn't use a blinker the whole time I was behind her. On top of this she swerved from the right lane into the left lane in the middle of an intersection at 13 Mile and Hoover. As she was going almost 50 around a tight ass curve that was only a 30 mph; she pulled up to the light and then made a right hand turn onto 14 mile from the left turn lane. I called 911 and reported her. I kept following her as she turned onto 15 mile from Utica and then turn into the Fraiser Meijer. The WHOLE TIME not using a single blinker. She got out of her van; followed by 3 kids. WHAT THE FUCK LADY???
She had handicap plates reading 2515F3.

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