Friday, July 1, 2011

Stupid Driver With Trailer

I am not in a good mood. I drove to work on empty today and needed to get gas in my car asap before I went home. The gas station was located on the corner of Grand River and Orchard Lake in Farmington Hills. I would have made a straight away into the gas station from Orchard Lake but had to make a left cause there were people stopped in front of the driveway waiting to go through the intersection (too much to explain how the streets inner connect); so I made a left and decided to pull in to the gas station as tiny as it is from further down. As I approched the intrance to the gas station there was this guy stopped with a huge truck and trailer trying to make what I later found out was a left turn. I realized I couldn't get in because he had blocked most of the drive way entrance in his ignorance. So as I tried to get in running on fumes he was trying to get out flipping me off and fucking yelling at me the whole time. GET OUT OF THE WAY FUCKER AND LET PEOPLE IN! I had to pull ahead just so he could go which inconvenienced me because I then had to go around the back side of the gas station just to turn around and get back onto Grand River so I could turn into the station.

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